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Welcome to the Special Tactics And Response website, enjoy Your stay.

This website was created to provide potential PARTNERS with information about our company and what service types we provide. 


General Work Statement

The purpose of our security services is to provide an active and live deterrence against:

  1. Illegal Activities
  2. Damages
  3. Losses
  4. Drug Activity
  5. Theft
  6. Burglary
  7. Water Damages
  8. Lease Violations
  9. Fire Hazards

Education: All of our STAR TEAM members know how to read, write, and communicate in english. 

Training: All of our STAR TEAM members possess training required by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Our TEAM members have been trained on how to possess and handle self defense tools such as pepper spray, batons, tasers, and firearms. 

Backgrounds: All of our STAR TEAM members have been given criminal and financial background checks to qualify for a position on the TEAM.

Reporting: Our TEAMS use a GPS based system to provide the needed reporting. This is to ensure the integrity expected from a member of our team. All reporting is done in real time. This allows our staff to address important issues immediately as they are being reported by our TEAM members. 

Real Time Reporting

STAR Team members in the field report incidents, receive tasks and alerts, and scan checkpoints all from their Silvertrac app on their mobile devices. All security, maintenance and parking issues are now able to be handled remotely and appear in the real-time issue monitor online. This way dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators all have live data to proactively monitor and resolve any issues.

How the system works.

Become a part of the TEAM

We are always looking for new members with special skills to become a part of our team. To apply review our Career Opportunities and submit an online screening application to be considered. 

Job Opportunities


  1. Armed Security Officer: There are employment opportunities in Hayward California. We are looking armed security officers to work on Thursday and Friday from 10AM to 3PM. apply here
  2. Armed Security Officer: There are employment opportunities in Pinole California. We are looking for armed security officers to work on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9AM to 5PM. apply here
  3. Armed Security Officer: There are employment opportunities in El Sobrante, CA 94803. The hours are 12AM to 6AM for 6 daily hours. Shift #1: (30 total hours): Sunday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours), Monday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours), Thursday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours), Friday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours), Saturday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours) Shift #2: (12 total hours): Tuesday 12AM - 6AM (6 hours), Wednesday 12AM - 6AM (6hours)
  4. Armed Security Officer: There are employment opportunities in Richmond California. We are looking for armed security officers to work on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 7pm to 11pm. apply here

In order to be considered for the above positions please apply here

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